Back in a flash

Warm greetings to all the readers of this blog. (something we need in the freezing cold South Africa)

I have been taking a breather from blogging for the last month. Because I lecture at CPUT in Cape Town during the term, this time is considered something of a vacation for me (yes, lucky me). But although there has been a break from the university, I have been quite busy with other things.

That being said, I have also taken the time to think about this blog and where it fits into my life. I love blogging. I appreciate the way one can express your thoughts and feelings in a structured way to people who are actually interested in what you have to say. I enjoy putting posts together, especially when they are about my favourite topic and person, Jesus Christ and Gods eternal purpose in Him.

The specific angle of this blog has been to consider how we can walk with God as friend and get to know him for who He really is. This in many ways sums up my journey thus far with God. It has been one of friendship. And what a life-changing journey it has been. One that I would like to share with you in more detail as we go forward on I call you Friend.

Until now, blog posts have mostly been connected to “revelation” that either I or another author has received from the Lord through the scriptures. This has come through spending hours studying the word and asking God to give revelation on certain topics. These times have been especially blessed, and I am glad that we could have shared these wonderful truths with all of you on this blog. “Pressing into scripture” is one of the most rewarding and revelatory things any human can do, and I encourage you, if God gives you the time and space in which to do so, go for it! It is well worth it. It will take you to new heights and especially depths in your relationship with the Lord.

For me, the seasons are a changing, and I am moving into one that promises to be filled with lots of hard work and practical significance. And while I am both grateful and excited to be entering into it, I am also aware of my love for blogging and my commitment to continue doing so. For that reason, I have had to consider how I go about developing blog posts. Before, as mentioned, I would spend lots of time reading and praying before and during writing blog posts. But now, because of the shift in my life, I will not always be able to do so.

Now, when it comes to writing, there are only two places that you can get “inspiration” from. One is through reading and in my case praying as well, and the other is from ones past. Our minds and hearts are filled with all kinds of knowledge that we have learnt over the years as we have lived and walked. And it is quite simple to access this knowledge and share it with those around us. Many call this “experience.” It is something we all have and all access on a daily basis. And its easy to do so, because it is already there, we don’t still need to “study” or seek it out. We can just remember it, package it in a form that our listeners/ readers can understand and then share…

Now, because of the season that I am moving into, I will begin drawing from my journey with the Lord in sharing and writing. This will mean that I can continue blogging because posts will take me a significantly shorter time to write and prepare. That does not mean that I will completely stop searching the scriptures for truth and revelation, just that I am not limited to that form of information only.

For me, what is important, is that I stay doing what I enjoy while continuing to connect with all of you in our journey with the Lord as our eternal God and friend. Because he is so worth it!

So with that, I have a question: What are your thoughts on the difference between Revelation and Experience?

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2 Responses to “Back in a flash”
  1. thehonestone says:

    I don’t really think one should put them as one or the other. I think both are essential to life. For example, Which person would you take audio advice from? The one who studied for 5 years or the one who studied for 5 years and then worked in the industry for another 5 years?

    I prefer experience as well as revelation. Revelation tends to not have a context that we can always relate to. Experience provides that context.

  2. Nic Thackwray says:

    Revelation is free. Experience isn’t 🙂

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