The blog has moved!!!

Dear readers I have started blogging again, and intend to do so weekly. The blog has moved to this address. Please check out the new content including songs and poems. This blog site will be deleted soon do make sure you sign up to the new one with your email address. Much love in … Continue reading

Back in a flash

Warm greetings to all the readers of this blog. (something we need in the freezing cold South Africa) I have been taking a breather from blogging for the last month. Because I lecture at CPUT in Cape Town during the term, this time is considered something of a vacation for me (yes, lucky me). But … Continue reading

Christ, the Tree of Life!

*** This article is part of a blog series about what it means to live with Christ as our source. You can check out the Introduction to the series here. *** After reading all the comments of those who added their 2 cents to the collaborative Tree of Life discussion, I must say I am very encouraged. There … Continue reading

Welcome Aboard!

So, here we go. A blog. After some very interesting “coincidences” in a short space of time, I feel very lead to start this blog. I have never even actually thought of it until very recently. Funny how the Lord works… So, this blog is for all those who would like to know God. To … Continue reading