Shorter blog posts?

Dear Loyal Subscribers After chatting to some of my blog readers I have realised that since resuming blogging, I have been a bit “over-zealous” with regards to the length of posts. It would seem that my readers enjoy more “bite-sized” posts that are easy to read on their mobile phones while going about their day. … Continue reading

Dylan’s Blogging again!

Hey everyone! For the last few months I have taken a sabbatical from blogging. I hope you all haven’t missed me too much! 😉 After about a year of serious weekly blogging I needed to take some time out to pray and seek the Lord for some new fresh perspective for my life in general, … Continue reading

Update: A special Holiday blogging surprise

Friends I trust that you have all been well and that your plans for the holidays are quickly coming nearer. As a holiday treat, I would like to introduce a special blog series by my good friend and brother, Nic Thackwray, entitled: “God’s Zeal for His House.” Nic is such a sincere lover of the … Continue reading

A funky new addition – Polls

Hey Everyone I have found a funky little gadget that allows me to run polls on the blog. I have put one up as a tester. Would really appreciate it if you could go to the home page of the blog and place your vote by clicking here. Thanks so much. Looking forward to see … Continue reading

Update – Points of Separation

Hi everybody I trust that you have all been enjoying the series. I know that Lynley has put a lot of work into it, and has enjoyed putting it together for us over the last 5 weeks. Personally, I have really found it very insightful. Especially how every time that there is a point of … Continue reading

New Author Joins [I call you Friend]

One of the beauties of the Bride of Christ, is her many member reality. She is made up of many parts, just like the human body is made up of many parts. And, as we have recently experienced the mystery of the Bride being revealed, it is only fitting for us to begin functioning as the Bride … Continue reading

Back after a break…

My fellow siblings… For the last month I have taken a break from blogging. After introducing the Bride of Christ in all her beauty and splendour, I felt to give us some time for it to sink in. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to the message that introduces the Bride, I would highly recommend you do. You can download it by … Continue reading