Points of Separation Part 7 : so what now?

We have now reached the end of the series and I simply wanted to walk through it quickly and ask you to answer it for yourself. Remember the question I asked you to keep at the back of your head through the whole series? What does God really want? Part 1 We looked at how … Continue reading

Points of Separation Part 6 : Consolidation

I will start today by saying that we have walked through the Old Testament and we have seen that God responds when we make decisions. Moving and jumping quickly into the New Testament: In Christ there is no separation, but that in itself does not solve the problem we sit with today. Though we may … Continue reading

Points of Separation Part 5 : The final point

Here we are. At the final point of separation. Its been a journey and I hope you have seen the scriptures with some new light and now look at God a bit differently than before (I hope sincerely). Today I would simply like to close off the old testament, then we will basically relook at … Continue reading

Points of Separation Part 4 : answering some questions

Part One : Intro of fear Part Two : The first steps away Part Three : The age of the prophet We find ourselves at a major crossroads now, therefore I thought it would be fitting to simply look back and shine some light on a few important “road signs” if you don’t mind me … Continue reading

Points of Separation – Part 3 : The age of the prophet…

We have come to what is most likely the biggest event and what I would call a pivotal point in history. ONE TO WHICH I THINK YOU NEED TO GIVE YOUR FULL ATTENTION TO. I will at this stage ask you to read everything with a specific question in your mind. What does God really … Continue reading

Points of Separation – Part 2: The first steps away

In case you never got the first part click here. Although I will try and make each post complete on its own, it is part of an entire series and therefore will make more sense if read as a whole. But enough housekeeping and onto the meat….. Now even though man has been cast out … Continue reading

Points Of Separation – Part one: The Introduction of Fear

I will title this part: The Introduction of Fear…. When wanting to find out what something is about, anything at all, its best to go to the beginning. If you want to know what a company is all about, you read the founding statement and you will find the original intention of that particular company. … Continue reading